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Chloe Tan Yi Xiang

Sophia Huang

Grace Toh Wai Yan

Phyllis Wong Y. K.

Sophia Huang

Contributor Biography

Chosen and bought with a price, Sophia finds her true identity and worth in Jesus. She has been set apart and is continually being transformed into His likeness. On this side of eternity, she struggles to make sense of God’s purpose for suffering in her life. Sophia seeks to reflect God’s glory and beauty in her calling as a children’s book author, copy editor and mother of three. 

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Grace Toh Wai Yan

Contributor Biography

Grace Toh Wai Yan loves savouring and smithing words, especially when

they are used meaningfully or humorously. To that end, she serves in a Christian organisation, documenting policies and procedures that enable

the ministry of the church. 

Prelude to a Silent Night

“I will lighten your load,” He said,
Still, worries ricochet around in my head:
When will I know? How will it be?
What is the future that I cannot see? 

My soul trudges on, weary to death,
Unsure that I have enough energy left.
“How long, O Lord?” as the tears wend their way.
“How long?” wrings the silent cry both night and day. 

And then came the answer, on a midnight clear:
“I will do for you what I’ve said; you need not fear.”
Still reluctant to let go my worries, I asked:
“What do you need from me to accomplish this task?”

“Be still, and know,” He softly replied,
“Just be still, let Me, and let go of your pride.”
So I prised open fingers, relaxed my hold,
Gave it up as I would myrrh, incense, and gold. 

No angelic pronouncement, no earth-shattering peace;
Just the gentle caress of a blanketing fleece.
So I lay down my head, as the Saviour’s on hay,
With His whisper: “Dear child, simply trust and obey.” 

Phyllis Wong Y. K. 

Contributor Biography

Phyllis Wong Y. K. grew up “eating” books. Her occupations had nothing to do with words. Instead, she worked as an accountant, morphed into a social worker. In solitude, Phyllis expresses her relationship with God in the day to day. She writes so that you may know: God loves. He is present. Always.

Joy in the Journey

—a song of release to walk and work with Grace

There is a joy in my journey,
A joy received with each drink.
This joy, my Lord, pours for me,
Restores His peace to the brim.

There is a joy in my journey,
As I walk with Him who stills.
His joy, my Lord, pours for me,
My voice is no longer shrill.

There is a joy in our journey,
Each time I'm pushed to the brink.
Sweet joy my Beloved freely gives,
My cup o’er flows from the brim.

There is His joy in our journey,
Light on Perfect Love revealed.
Walking, I sing my story,
His Word to us unconcealed.

Chloe Tan Yi Xiang

Contributor Biography

Full-time dreamer, part-time writer, Chloe Tan Yi Xiang enjoys prospecting insights from the mind's endless stream of consciousness, and delights in ascending flights of fancy conceived from unlikely sources of inspiration.

She writes to invoke contemplation and wonder, hoping her works transport readers between the shifting boundaries of fantasy and transient realities. 


The milieu is assembled as dawn harks

The cicadas shrill amidst singing larks

Nature’s ode to joy in massed sound

Rises above the resplendent crowns  

Of nodding giants, that offer succor,

Shelter, shade, and stay, all linger   

Ah, that many hued splendour

As Man stands in quiet rapture

Mending hurts, he drinks in

Nature’s most glorious scenes

This panacea to the modern psyche

This perfection of pristine Nature

Truly the work of Divine Wonder


His noble profile draws me near

But I cry when I see what they have done

Oh blessed son and prince so dear

Who bore our terrible sins 

In despair I utter his name

No matter the sin or wicked deed

He responds all the same

With mercy and love, a love so sweet

I could almost feel his embrace around me

Comforting me, covering me, so great is he 

“Don’t be afraid for You are Mine” 

All hurts he mends, all grudges soothe

Oh how great his love encompassing

Oh verily verily so is he King 

His Compassion everlasting

Author's Note:

God’s presence is always with us. Sometimes a shadow, sometimes a guiding hand. We see his footsteps everywhere, and his connexions are manifold.

However, humans are fallible. We often do not follow Christ, to our detriment.

Yet, how in our defiance have we inflicted spiritual wounds upon ourselves?

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